Sue Leitner

Sue was the most beautiful and smartest person I have ever known. Family meant everything to her and she strengthened the relationships of family around her. Our souls are bound together for eternity. Love Always, Howard Leitner Sue was the most loving and caring grandmother. She had an unwavering spirit of kindness and her generosity shown through in all settings. She had a great sense of humor and a smile that could light up a room. She always treated me like a daughter and embraced Jeffrey like a son. Her memory lives on with our family and although she is gone, she will never be forgotten. In loving memory, Solange and Jeffrey Ross
Remembered By:
Howard Leitner (father of Solange Ross)Solange and Jeffrey Ross Jason and Tiffany Leitner Ross and Michelle Leitner Curtis and Amanda Leitner Steven and Jennifer Kay Phil Gurin Sheri and Michael Green Stacie and Kenny Podos Mark Blecher and Larry AaSheim Carolyn and Dan Kelly Joan and Marty Potruch Andrea and Richard Schwartz JoAnne and Mike Turney Susan and Ron Langus Sheila and Stuart Marcus Abe and Marilyn Milstein Carol and Sig Pfifer Phyllis and Neil Rosenthal Iris and Allen Rothstein Judy and Allen Sausen Barbara Snower and Dan Barbara Salan Amy and Gene Feirman